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About Us


Dedicated to Quality

Ninja_Coffee prides itself on providing quality coffee. 


Coffee with you in mind

The Sunny days and The not so sunny days guarantee that coffee is always a need. Not a coffee drinker? That's okay we cater for Hot Chocolate, Tea and Hot Vimto lovers!


More than Drinks

Although we offer a wide variety of hot and cold drinks, we also provide some naughty sweet food options. So whether you're stopping for your much needed coffee, lunch or an afternoon snack, we've got you covered!


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Lifting the lid on Ninja_Coffee



Handling the goods

Handling the goods

  • Smart Car - Super cute and Super small she is the baby of Ninja_Coffee. Started Ninja_Coffee in April 2018
  • Mercedes Vito - Big Daddy of Mobile Coffee - Brought into service in August 2018
  • Land Rover Discovery is the newest vehicle to the fleet. Designed inside to provide the same great tasting coffee. Entered coffee service in May 2019


Handling the goods

Handling the goods

Handling the goods

  • Branded cups available in two sizes, your coffee is as individual as you so what not customise it? 
  • The Ninja_Cup is there for those who want a long term reusable cup! 


Behind the brand

Handling the goods

Behind the brand

  • Ninja_Coffee is bright, bold and challenging the standard coffee offering of competitors. 
  • While coffee is the foundation of the business, looking after customers loyalty is just as important. 

What makes Ninja_Coffee different?

100% Mobile

Ninja_Coffee currently operates three vehicles that can attend events like Farmers Markets, Local Football Practice, Charity events and Village Fetes. 

Quality vs Quantity

Running a business isn't all about making money, it's about keeping customers happy and wanting to come back. Taste is a foundation that customers like!

Getting it Right

Giving customers a reason to come back is a motto Ninja_Coffee uses all the time. We want customers to be wowed by Taste, Quality and Customer Service. That's why Ninja_Coffee has a promise. Your Coffee Your Way or we make it again!